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More than 10 years helping the Healthcare IT community build, grow, and succeed.


We Help Solve The Talent Shortage

For The Healthcare Information Technology Industry

We are a boutique recruiting and staffing agency business model solely focused on serving the Healthcare Information Technology niche relative to the functions of Healthcare IT Data Analytics, Project Management, and Recruitment professionals. Unlike several other staffing agencies that focus on any and all markets, the expertise of our recruiters and purpose of our company is to provide consistent, expert, one-on-one, consultative, fast and trusted advice, guidance, partnership, and placements to hiring managers, business leaders, and premier Healthcare Technology professionals.

The problem, how we solve it, and the expected outcome:

In today’s job markets for Health IT, the roles of the professionals who get the work done are very ambiguous because of shared or combined requirements. The objectives are important, yet often unclear, especially for high-level, impactful, and detail-intense roles such as those unique to data analytics, project management, and recruitment.

Ultimately, this causes hiring managers to face significant challenges with being able to define and effectively explain the needs of the jobs to attract and retain the right talent for their overall short and long-term business demands. Other critical business needs are intimacies that include but are not limited to departmental teams, company culture, special projects, rapid business growth, mergers, downsizing, competitive threats, budgets, new and challenging business demands that require expert level attention, etcetera.

Because of the challenges that our hiring managers and business leaders face; we make it our priority to research, ask the right questions, and thoroughly understand the needs, challenges, and expectations of our client’s hiring goals, as well as their business disadvantages. Our recruiters also possess in-depth Health Information Technology and Health Information Management industry experience and aggressive talent networking skills to consistently, quickly, and successfully vet, attract, retain, and present the premier, passive, and qualified HIT and HIM talent that is well desired by our clients.

Throughout the recruiting and staffing process, the services and consultative partnership that we provide allow our customers the ability to fully focus on their primary business goals while still being able to meet the demands of their bottom lines or budgets. As an end-result and once the recruiting and staffing needs are satisfied, our clients have the luxury of working with and retaining stable, reliable, knowledgeable, experienced, industry-ready, highly capable, and hard-to-find Health IT Data Analytics, Project Management, and Professional Recruitment talent.

HIT Contract Staffing Solutions
HIT Contract Staffing Solutions

For HIT Professionals and Employers looking to connect and start working immediately, on a short or long-term basis.

HIT Contract-To-Hire Solutions
HIT Contract-To-Hire Solutions

For HIT Professionals and Employers looking to connect and test the waters before committing to a permanent hiring arrangement.

HIT Direct Hire Search Solutions
HIT Direct Hire Search Solutions

For HIT Professionals and Employers looking to connect and build a long-lasting full-time permanent employment relationship.

HIT Executive Search Solutions
HIT Executive Search Solutions

For Executive Level HIT Professionals and Employers looking to connect, build, nourish, and enhance healthcare on a full-time or interim basis.

We Help You:

Stay focused on achieving your most important business goals.

Our team is here to help you stay focused on achieving your most important business goals and meeting your bottom line. By implementing our 1:1 and highly consultative partnership, we work with you and your team to engage with and hire the most sought after and impactful talent in the industry. All we need you to do is provide us with some essential information. After we receive your information, we can reach out to you within 24 hours. We look forward to working with you soon!

Revisit your talent strategies to overcome technology and skill availability challenges by partnering with a firm that focuses on identifying top healthcare IT talent who understands systems, data integration, and data analysis.

Significant benefits gained by our clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Flexible approach throughout the entire recruiting and staffing process
  • Consultative, high-touch, and personable recruiting and staffing guidance and advice
  • Time saved and used towards other more important projects
  • Ability to connect with, try-out, and hire hard-to-find, highly impactful, knowledgeable, and experienced industry-focused talent
  • Reduced hiring costs and gained budgetary flexibility
  • Reduced hiring risks by being able to try talent before fully investing
  • Decreased turnover rates
  • Opportunity to work with Health IT industry-focused experts
  • Successful recruiting and staffing partnerships within the HIT niche
  • Value-Added results by staffing and hiring the right talent to deliver on each project

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