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About Us

Our values are the core and foundation of everything we stand for as a valued partner, trusted advisor, capable human resource, and industry leader. They are...

What we do:

We specialize in recruiting and staffing Premier Healthcare Information Technology professionals. Our client-companies are Healthcare Providers, Healthcare Payers, Healthcare IT Vendor Managers, Health Information Organizations, and other businesses with staffing needs that are unique to the functions of Healthcare Information Technology and Healthcare Information Management.

Who we are:

Our values are the core and foundation of everything we stand for as a valued partner, trusted advisor, capable human resource, and industry leader. They are…

We specialize in recruiting & staffing within a single domain (Healthcare) between two closely related functions (Health Information Management & Health Information Technology) to deliver consistent, reliable, fast, premier, and successful results.

We provide top results and a world-class customer experience by maintaining a comprehensive understanding of our industry and candidate markets. We also make it our business to gain an in-depth understanding of our client and candidate needs and disadvantages by implementing a high-touch consultative approach throughout the recruiting & staffing process.

Every day, we demonstrate the love of the work we do by going above the measure of expectations to meet and exceed our goals as a hands-on partner, trusted advisor, go-to human resource, and knowledgeable recruiter. Recruiting and staffing are what we choose to do, and we love it!

We are here to break down the walls of frustration between our clients, candidates, and the work involved when implementing the recruiting and staffing process by being active and efficient middle managers. Our services and solutions provide both parties with a clear line of communication about needs and expectations, freedom to focus on business and career complexities while also allowing the flexibility to meet or exceed personal, team, and overall business goals.

We spend most of our lives working to be the best at what we do. No matter how well we succeed, our careers and businesses always show the results of our efforts. We are motivated to put the best of what we have into the businesses and careers of our client-companies and candidates because (just like our own) we value and understand the desire for their success.

Our solutions help healthcare Information Technology, and Healthcare Information Management focused businesses quickly streamline recruiting & staffing efforts around data analytics and project management by efficiently augmenting the staff and transitioning the company for rapid growth and success.

Our Vision

We exist to provide Healthcare Information Technology business leaders and hiring managers with premier, efficient, professional, and reliable staff augmentation solutions to effectively transition their HIT teams for rapid growth and success. We commit to providing trusted partnerships and advice as Health IT (HIT) domain experts by way of providing focused recruiting and staffing efforts specific to the focus of the Health Information Technology functions. Contact us and find out how we can help your business today!

 Our Mission:

In today’s industry markets for Health Information Technology, the roles of the professionals who get the work done are very ambiguous because of shared or combined requirements. The objectives are important, yet often unclear, especially for high-level, impactful, and detail-intense roles such as those unique to data analytics and project management. Ultimately, this causes hiring managers to face significant challenges with being able to define and effectively explain the needs of the jobs to attract and retain the right talent for their overall short and long-term business demands. Other critical business needs are intimacies that include but are not limited to departmental teams, company culture, special projects, rapid business growth, mergers, downsizing, competitive threats, budgets, and new or challenging business demands that require expert level attention.

Because of the challenges that our hiring managers and business leaders face; we make it our priority to research, ask the right questions, and thoroughly understand the needs, challenges, and expectations of our client’s hiring goals, as well as their business disadvantages. Our recruiters also possess in-depth Health IT industry experience and aggressive talent networking skills to consistently, quickly and successfully vet, attract, retain, and present the premier, passive, and qualified talent that is well desired by our clients.

Throughout the recruiting and staffing process, the services and consultative partnership that we provide allows our customers the ability to fully focus on their primary business goals while still being able to meet the demands of their bottom lines or budgets. As an end-result and once the recruiting and staffing needs are satisfied, our clients have the luxury of working with and retaining stable, reliable, knowledgeable, experienced, industry-ready, highly capable, and hard-to-find Healthcare Information Technology talent.

Our Community Outreach & Involvement: