3 Ways To Hire Quality HIT Talent Fast And, SMART

With all of the buzz about the Healthcare IT Talent Shortage, it’s only natural that you’re wondering how you can hire quality Healthcare IT talent fast and smart right? Well today, I’m going to share three foolproof ways to win when hiring exceptional healthcare IT talent.

3 Ways To Hire Quality HIT Talent Fast And, SMART

1. Find Out Where They Hang Out (SMART)

If you’re looking for a dog, you go to the dog pound. When you’re looking for milk, you go to the milk aisle in the grocery store. It’s no different when searching for great healthcare IT talent. The number one question to ask is, “Where are they hanging out?”. I’m not just talking about during working hours either! Is there a hot happy hour spot that HIT professionals hang out in your area? What meetups are hot? Are there any conferences or conventions in your area? What blogs or social media group do they belong to? These are some key questions you can ask yourself when looking for great healthcare IT talent. If you don’t have the time or the resources, connecting with a niche’ recruitment and staffing agency that solely focuses on building relationships with top HIT talent is also a great cost effective option.

2. Don’t Recruit! Share (QUALITY)

I know you’re looking to fill your position quickly, but understand, the best talent is more interested in the work they will be doing and how that work fits into their personal lives and society as a whole. As you get into the healthcare IT circles, it’s important that you share information about the types of projects you want people to work on. Talk about the things that you’re doing in your company that makes you GREAT! You will peak the interest of great talent when they know that their contribution will make a difference. Great HIT talent wants to be a part of something much greater than a paycheck.

3. Build Authentic Relationships (FAST)

When you take the time to build authentic relationships your network will work on your behalf, not to mention the life-long friendships and alliances that your grow and foster. This method yields a double doozy because speed is not the only benefit, you also gain so much VALUE. You can build authentic relationships with HIT talent online, over the phone and in-person. Building a great email list and strong social media following will yield massive value and assist you with finding great talent quickly. Dedicating two hours per day to reach out to talent who’s currently looking and not looking while asking for referrals is a method that will assist you with this goal. Attend or start a meetup group and get involved with the people that you want to hire!

Augsitions specializes in creating unique sourcing and placement programs for companies in search of top healthcare IT talent. When you need a new set of tech skills to achieve your IT priorities, having the right professionals on your team, who can implement clinical informatics, research, and data integration can be of much value today. Having someone who can provide you with quality healthcare IT talent fast and do it in a smart way can be a valuable healthcare IT talent acquisition strategy too. We would love to start a conversation to learn more about your company’s vision and goals at: 972-316-9718 or shoot us a quick email.


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